Tuckpointing will need to be done when the mortar is weathered. You will begin to notice the mortar will will crack or start to deteriorate. If the mortar is weak, moisture could get behind the brick or stone, causing more issues. 

We will repair the mortar joints by grinding or raking out the old mortar to approximately 1" deep. Using a concrete bonding adhesive will ensure the new mortar to bond to the existing brick or stone. Also, our brick layers will be able to match the new mortar to the existing mortar around the weathered area.

Lintels, also known as angles or angle irons, are the support for the brick work above an opening. You will first notice a crack in the mortar that may step up the wall, away from the opening. This is the first sign that the steel underneath is rusting from excessive water collecting on the brick surface. The rust will cause the lintel to expand, which cause that crack you first noticed.

The old brickwork may need to be replaced. We will replace the old, rusted lintel with a new, galvanized one. Also, we will make sure water never touches the new lintel with an ice and water barrier and weep holes that will allow moisture to escape.

Spawled Brick, or the flaking/chipping of the brick faces, occurs from the build up of moisture which causes it to crack after freezing weather. This may happen to painted brick more often.

In some cases we will only have to replace the few spawled brick. In others we will have to replace those, as well as the surrounding brick.
Spawled Brick
Veneer Water Infiltration
 Even though it may appear to be waterproofed, you may begin to see water seeping in on the interior walls.

In this case, we would have to strip the stone/brick and repair the wood underneath. We would then apply an ice and water shield. Finally, we will replace the stone/brick.


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